“Brian McAboy brings a refreshing new perspective to trader development. His background in process engineering really lets him approach things in a completely different way than most trading educators. As a result, you won’t get the same old tired material from him. He will allow you to see your trading from a whole new angle, one which can definitely help you be a better trader.”

John Forman, Professional Market Analyst
Essentials Of Trading

“Bottom line is that Brian gives the trader a blueprint for STRUCTURE, both mentally (your emotions, etc.) and physically (choosing a trading system, running your trading business).

He gets your mind and self set to win… and not get caught in the very subtle yet powerful mental and emotional trap that brings most traders to ruin.

As you can imagine, with me being in the mental training for traders business, I was delighted to see someone delve into and try to rescue misguided traders… which, sadly, are most traders.


Norman Hallett
The Disciplined Trader

"Too many traders think that the system or method is the be all and end all of trading.

There simply isn't enough attention to the psychology of trading and the correct approach that needs to be adopted.

Brian McAboy has done an excellent job in walking through the must-know steps in order to become a successful trader."

Mark McRae
Professional Trader and Trading Coach

“For those that truly desire to become great traders, Brian McAboy can help in that pursuit substantially.

Anyone wishing to significantly improve their trading is sure to enjoy and benefit from his helpful insights and his concise way of communicating.

I give Brian five stars!”

Matt Zaner
Principal and Owner of Zaner Group, LLC

“There are many facets to long-term successful trading, and the skills and competencies that are necessary to make a career of trading are far more than simply opening an account and getting busy.

It is vital that a person know what the true key qualities and characteristics of BEING a successful trader are, if indeed that is what they wish to become.

Brian is able to help people understand why the odds are against them, as well as what you can do to turn those odds around in your favor.”

Derek Frey
Professional Trader & Mentor

“Brian pulls no punches in getting down to the psychology of trading and how it affects us all.”

James Maggio
Trader Risk Management

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