A really destructive belief that can creep into your subconscious

I remember when I was in my first year of trading.

It started off well, really well, and then came the beating.

And as more and more time passed with only more struggling and more losses, the more I doubted myself and my ability to make it as a trader.

But one thing happened along the way that I didn’t expect, and this was even worse.

I began to question whether I even deserved to make it as a trader.

It seemed like I’d been struggling for SO long and I’d tried so many different things, that when presented with new prospective solutions to the situation, a wedge of doubt had me frozen.

Because I questioned my worthiness to receive success, it got to the point that even when something truly helpful came along, I’d reject it out of this destructive belief.

I denied myself even the opportunity to succeed.

This is the kind of belief that can hide in your subconscious and sabotage your efforts for years.

Even though consciously you still want the rewards that trading has to offer, if underneath it all, you feel that somehow you don’t deserve it, you’ll keep it out of your reach.

And out of your experience.

So how can you attend to this if you think it may have happened to you?

The answer may surprise you.

First of all, give your subconscious credit for showing you something that ultimately will work in your favor.

For me, I had to admit to myself that the trader I was at the time honestly DIDN’T deserve the success I wanted.

I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I mean, I knew some, even most of what I needed to know.

I understood how trading works and the basics, to let my winners run, keep my losses short, utilize money management.

But I didn’t know ALL that I needed to know.

My training to become a trader was largely from my broker, which meant that it was really only enough for me to be dangerous to myself.

I didn’t know how to BE consistent, or that there was even more to it than simply ‘being more disciplined’.

I didn’t know how to properly evaluate a trading system.

The only method I had was to just try it and see (the most costly way!)

I hadn’t properly thought through my trading and put together a decent plan, so I jumped around a lot, using the shotgun approach.

But when I chose to stop blaming the markets and my broker, and to start focusing on myself and BECOMING  the trader I needed to be, only then did I realize that I had been holding myself back.

Subconsciously, I was aware that I was lacking certain training, understanding and skills, and that’s a major reason why deep down, I knew that I didn’t yet deserve success.

I had the aptitude, capacity and desire.  That’s why I felt the drive to continue.

Only when I realized that I needed to become that trader that deserves success and got the help I need to actually make it happen, did I stop sabotaging myself and begin enjoying the success I desired.

Take ownership of your failures and successes, and don’t blame the markets, the brokers, scammers or anyone else.

When you do what you need to do and become what you need to become, success will come as well.

I hope this helps



Brian McAboy
The Trading Business Coach

P.S.  Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Coming soon, how to make yourself “lucky”!

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