Welcome to Our Special “24-Hour Commissions”
Affiliate-Friendly Partner Program!

This a special program where you get paid within 24 hour of sales, not the industry-typical weeks or months!

Now understand, this is a program created specifically to reward affiliates that immediately and actively promote! 

Two-tier, done-for-you email and evergreen webinar funnel, lifetime cookies, and payout to you within 24 hours of each sale!

The program is two-tier, offering a 40% commission on first-tier sales and 10% on second-tier sales.

For the moment, the focus is on the Trading As Your Business course, which sells for $997, so your commission is $400 (single payment ) or $480 (12 x $40 if they go with payments).

I have other products too, so you have numerous opportunities for commissions, both now and looking forward!

The promo email is already written for you, and the webinar promoting the course is evergreen, so this is VERY user-friendly and your people will love the content.

IMPORTANT:  After the first sale all commissions will be paid to you within 24-hours of each sale.  The commission for the first sale only is held (JUST ONE) for the guarantee period in case of a refund – but after that first one, the commissions for each and every sale after that are paid to you within 24 hours of the sale.  So for example,

If you mail out and refer 10 sales this week, you get paid for 9 sales THIS WEEK

If you refer 25 sales this week, you get paid for 24 sales THIS WEEK

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This is so we can be properly introduced, plus I want to make sure that I get your materials to you all ready to roll, to make this wonderfully easy and requiring the absolute minimum of your time.

If you have any questions at all, email me or call me at (719) 299-0678

I look forward to working with you!