Are You Trading Or Gambling? How to Tell And What to Do

I just received this question this morning from a client and it seemed worth sharing with you.

“I keep hearing trading is just gambling.  Any thoughts on that?”

And here is my perspective,

“If you are placing trades WITHOUT a properly formulated and measured system, you are gambling.

Here’s why:  gambling by definition means a game of chance.

A proper system results in quantifiable expectations based on probabilities and with a certain level of confidence in those expectations based on substantiated testing.”

When you take a method based on sound reasoning, then properly systemize that method, you are not gambling.

However, if you are just placing trades and only have an idea for a system*, but not a real system, then unpleasant as it might be to hear, you are gambling.

And this is where many traders are without realizing it.

One of the primary causes of mistakes and errors often attributed to ‘trading psychology’ are really the result of trying to trade with a method that has not been properly systemized.

Once the system is made proper, many if not all of those issues go away.

Plus you get a HUGE confidence boost, just from gaining a really solid handle on your trading.

That’s why I created the Trading System Mastery program – to give you the step-by-step process for proper systemization for maximum profits and consistency.

Cool thing is that you can make this happen much faster than you might expect.

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Brian McAboy
Trading Success Coach

P.S.  Stop gambling and start trading!

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*This comment has been made by many of my clients after they start into the training, “I thought I had a trading system, but found that I really only had an idea for a system.”

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