Consistency Is More Than Having Enough Discipline to Override Your Emotions

W._Edwards_DemingSometimes, to solve a problem, especially a long-standing one, you have to look beyond the common solutions that have only a limited effectiveness.

Such is true with the notion that the only solution to achieving consistency in your trading is to have enough discipline to override your emotions.

That’s the prevalent thought, but it is off the mark.

That’s also why it rarely works beyond a very short period.

Much like New Year’s resolutions – intentions that depend solely on tricks, discipline, or force of will just have a low success rate.

That’s why I’m so grateful to have had the experience of working in the Quality Assurance profession.

It’s an industry devoted to business success by design, with its entire foundation based on the application of specific methods, principles and tools to achieve desired results in a consistent reliable manner.

What was realized a long time ago in the early days of the Quality movement, is that when you focus on and develop consistency in your operation, your profits tend to increase very nicely too.

Which is PERFECT for traders!

I’ve taken some of the methods and learning I used to employ as a Certified Quality Engineer and customized them specifically for use in trading.

If you want to know WHY making trading work has been harder than you thought,

If you’re ready to end struggling with sticking to your system,

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P.S.  Here’s how to tell if you’re missing something:  if your trading is emotional, if it a struggle, if it is anything but calm and enjoyable, then something is missing!  It is NOT supposed to be this tough!

Attend this presentation and find out what’s been making this tougher than it should be.

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P.P.S.  Do NOT just go on thinking that your emotions are supposed to be such a trouble and that your only recourse is to try to trick or force yourself to be more disciplined.

Seriously, that’s the common notion and it is just plain WRONG.

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