Day Trading – How to Use Your Emotions to Trade Better

psychologist-couchThe common notion about emotions in trading is that they are generally a bad thing.

They interfere with your better judgement and cause you to make mistakes that your rational mind just wouldn’t make.

They are the reason that it is so hard to stick to your system.

You’ve got the Big 4:  Greed, Fear, Hope and Despair

Then also a whole slew of others too.

Most traders also think that emotions are something that you must simply find a way to overcome.

Some have even said that ideally it would be great if you could just turn them off.

But have ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe…

Your emotions are actually an asset that can be used to your advantage?

That your emotions could actually help you to trade BETTER?

After all, they are a part of you.

It is a matter of listening to them and understanding what they are trying to tell you.

First and foremost, simply the fact that they are flaring up is a sign by itself.

Generally speaking, activities for which you are well-prepared and quite proficient probably aren’t very emotional are they?

You just do your thing.

Maybe a LITTLE excitement, but certainly not an adrenaline-filled thrill ride.

But on the other end of the spectrum, how about when you’re involved with a challenging activity and you’re NOT fully trained or well-equipped for it, even if you’ve been at it a while?

It is very likely to be filled with mistakes, not tremendously successful, and almost impossible for it NOT to be an emotional experience.

But those emotions aren’t a bad thing.

They’re telling you that there’s something missing.

Something you don’t know.

Some skill or skill-set or understanding you lack.

And it is very likely something of which you are not CONSCIOUSLY aware.

If it were, then you’d attend to it and things would calm down.

Where many traders really hurt themselves is when they ‘get’ how trading works, and then let there mind close, thinking that they’ve got everything they need.

That’s the ‘enough to be dangerous’ point where many people get stuck for years.

And they pay a high price for it too.

Continuing to struggle week in and week out, without making any real progress.

Taking a beating both financially and personally, especially in their self-esteem.

All because they think their emotions are simply a bother.

But if they would LISTEN to their emotions, understanding that they are a helpful sign that something is missing and needs to be attended to

When you do, when you acquire the skill sets or understandings you need, then the emotions will calm down

Instead of trading being an emotional roller-coaster, it will be an enjoyable activity, where you do your thing in a calm and relaxed manner.

Not filled with doubt, anxiety, and all the other stuff that takes the fun and profit out of your trading.

Just a sense of peace and security.

Yes, it actually does work this way, in the real world.

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