Happy 4th of July! (and the 2 paths to your independence)

July 4th is the holiday we set aside to celebrate our independence from British rule.

It has largely been forgotten that life back then was hard and the King of England made things even worse, bad enough that men chose to risk their lives to establish our rights to God given freedoms.

There are always people in power or seeking power over others, and that means loss of freedom for the ‘others’.

We enjoy a great deal of freedom today because there are those that pay the price for those freedoms.

Even on a individual level, freedom isn’t free.

If you want the freedom to choose what you do with your life, with your time, no one is going to just hand it to you.

You have to earn it.

And when you do, then you get to enjoy true independence.

The question then becomes,

“Are you willing to do what it takes?”

Are you willing to not just throw money at trading, hoping that some push-button EA or system will be that magic pill, but are you willing to actually develop yourself into the trader that knows how to survive and thrive in this occupation?

Are you willing to set your ego aside and recognize that freedom through trading only comes to those that acquire the knowledge and skills to BE a truly independent trader?

Many are lured into trading because of the very low barriers to entry and because it looks like relatively easy money compared with many other options (both of which are true), but they also fail to realize that any measurable success in trading is just NOT going to happen for an average schmo off the street with five grand to fund an account with.

The opportunity is there for those willing to become the trader that deserves the success, that earns the freedom.

My purpose in what I do is to help you become that trader, to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make it.

Because I’ve experienced firsthand how trading can take a tremendous toll on your life, and I’ve also experienced how excellent it can be.

I sincerely want to help you get to your goals as quickly as possible and to help you avoid the grief and anguish that are so common.

One thing I’ve learned in my years of trading is that there are two paths people pursue

The path of acquiring ‘things’ like software and systems will only get you so far.

The path of professional development and becoming a fully trained and truly self-sufficient trader is the one that will get you where you want to be.

That’s why I do what I do:  to get you there, because I want to help you realize your independence through trading


Brian McAboy
The Predictable Profits Engineer

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Thanks for doing this!

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