Here’s to Your Independence (2 Whys and a How)

This weekend we’re celebrating Independence Day in the United States and I’m feeling grateful.

I’m grateful to have the freedom to have my independence, to work for myself and decide the path of my life, to do what I want every day.

That freedom doesn’t exist everywhere and I’m grateful to live where it does.

The second reason I’m grateful is this freedom of time and money allows me to have an impact in the lives of people that I care about, both financially and being involved.

This month I celebrate 12 years since the day I stopped working for someone else.

While I loved the work and the people I worked with, the best way I can describe how I felt walking out of that place for the last time was that I’d finally been paroled.

Running your own business, be it trading or anything else, can be nerve-racking.

When you know your income depends directly on your planning, your actions, and your decisions, your performance on a daily basis, that’s a lot of pressure.

But I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Would you?

Here’s the catch for traders, though…

For most traders, they’re NOT enjoying the freedom of time and money that they want.

For them, it is just another J-O-B, that provides some enjoyment, but mostly disappointment and frustration

The thing is, in order to fully enjoy BEING an independent, self-directed, self employed trader, you have to BECOME the trader that has mastered his craft.

Most traders keep falling for the allure of the easy path of ‘here, just buy this system and everything will somehow fall into place for you and you’ll be magically transported to the promised land”

Doesn’t work like that.  Here’s the simple truth.

“If you don’t master the occupation of being a trader,
you will become a servant to it.”

Or as Mike Dooley puts it,

“In life, as soon as you master what’s in front of you,
you’re raised to the next level and choices abound,
whereas if you don’t master what’s in front of you,
life will let you flounder.”

Another very realistic way to look at it is,

“You only truly get your independence when you’ve earned it.”

So what do you have to master to earn your independence?

One critical matter that many traders never get on top of, even after years of beating their head on this rock, is consistently sticking to their system.

The memories of painful past losses, fears of losing money yet again, doubts, anxiety, despair, frustration, hurt and anger run through their head and causes them to hesitate, to get out early, to pass on winning trades after finally getting a profitable trade, to move stops, revenge trade, all sorts of things…

The thing is, these problems won’t go away through tricks or will power

So long as you remain the same trader you are right now, only changing system from time to time, those same failings and fears from the past will continue to haunt you

Only by leveling yourself up to a new level – you as a trader – will you be able to go into your trading free from the patterns you’ve so deeply established

Ahhhh, but once you do…

Once you master THIS part of trading…

Only then will you find the peace of mind to trade with confidence and security

Only then will you HAVE your independence

Once you discover that there IS a way to achieve consistency, regardless of how you trade, this is a HUGE critical step toward your independence

So many traders have never even heard of this, never know that they’re missing this critical skill, then wonder why they struggle, often for years…

If you haven’t already seen it, I strongly recommend you check out “The Science of Consistency Applied to Trading:  How to Make Your Trading More Consistent So You Make More Money, Regardless of How You Trade”

This is one of those things that turns out to be the game-changer so many seek.

If you have seen it, it’s worth a second look, because in addition to ‘how to make trading work’, this truly is the path to predictable profits.

You’ll be glad you did!



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