How to Get the Absolute Highest ROI

You have different things you can do with your funds to generate a return

You can place a trade, and you may show a profit, but that eon-time profit is all you will ever get from that particular trade

You can get a new system that purports continued and repeated profits, but with all the B.S. and hype in the trading space, that can be a crap-shoot

Plus it still depends on YOU to make it work and to produce reliably over time

That’s why investments in yourself always pay the best, both now and into the future

The better and more capable YOU become, the better and easier it is for you to produce the results you seek, and to attend to new challenges when they arise

Which only makes sense

You are at the heart of your trading, more so than your system

Again, this makes total sense

Trading successfully requires a certain level of skill, knowledge and understanding, a certain level of competence in a variety of areas

And so long as your level of competence is below that required, if you’re missing something, life is difficult

But when your level of skill, knowledge and understanding exceeds that of everything in front of you, things are relatively easy and your success is almost assured

That’s why investing in yourself is always the best bet to have the highest return

Best of all, it’s not a one-time shot

You get the reap the returns for the rest of your life

That’s why I focus first on the competencies of BEING a fully self-sufficient and truly independent trader

If you’re lacking the competencies, the psychological issues won’t go away, nor will the self-sabotage, because being below the required skill level will continue to be an issue by itself, plus create other issues

Now here’s a little tough love:

If you’ve been trading for more than 6-9 months and you’re not where you want to be or really even close, more than likely it is because your training to be a trader (if you got any) was lacking in one or more of the competencies needed

Again, this only makes sense

To have trading be a reliable, fruitful, long term asset that generates income and real wealth, there IS more to it than simply ‘having a system’ and trying to stick to it

That’s the big lie that so many system-sellers pawn:

“All you need is a good system”

No, there is more to it than that.

YOU also need to be the type of trader, fully trained on all the skill sets, and truly and properly prepared for this profession

So the question then becomes, how do you know if you’re missing anything?

And if you are you missing something, how do you know what it is?

Again, if you’ve been trading for more than 6 to 9 months and your trading is NOT producing the way you want and/or the experience is filled with stress, anxiety, doubt and inconsistent results, then that is a sure sign that you’re missing something

Trading should be a relatively calm and relaxed activity, not emotionally charged.

It also should NOT be filled with unknowns and a lot of ‘hope’

It should be providing more security than insecurity and anxiety

And it should NOT take YEARS to get you there – it just is not that complicated

It’s not an overnight matter, to be sure, but it IS one in which you can reach the needed level of skills, understanding and know-how in only a matter of a few months – IF you get the right training

That’s the key, the ‘secret sauce’, the magic ingredient that makes it work

To find out what’s missing and how to ‘level yourself up’ quickly, I created an online masterclass which explains everything

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P.S.  Yes, this takes a whole whopping hour to watch, but your trading is a pretty high priority in your life, right?

You’re going to spend your 24 hours every day doing something, so doesn’t it only make sense to do so where you get the highest return for it?

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