If you’re feeling kind of stuck in a rut lately, try this…

If you’re feeling kind of stuck lately,

…like you’re in a bit of rut and you’re just having a rough time getting into a state of mind to affect real and lasting change

…and time just keeps slipping by yet things still seem pretty much the same,

…then what I recommend is to give yourself a pattern interrupt

Break the pattern you’ve gotten into

Take a break from your trading for at least a day, preferably two or three

And I mean to completely disengage from it and fill your time with other things, enjoyable things

And to make an even bigger impact, change your trading environment

Change the lighting

Rearrange the room

Remove counterproductive elements, like having CNBC on in the background or your bills on the desk in view of your trading area

Change the visual and audio cues, so that you have a different stimulus when you walk in the room and sit down to trade

It all begins and ends with you in your head, so start there to realize better results

I hope you have a great weekend!


Brian McAboy
The Trading Business Coach

P.S. I’m still taking requests and suggestions for the YouTube videos to produce over the coming weeks, so leave a comment below with what you’d like for me to help you with

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