Neglecting These 2 Trading Best Practices Costs You Big Time, Both Personally and Financially

Neglecting these two trading best practices costs you – big time

Especially if you’ve been fighting with your emotions, discipline, hesitation, chasing trades, and a whole slew of other things that take the fun and profit out of trading.

Most traders try to trade and make money with only hope really to rely on.

On any given trade, they have no idea if they’re going to make or lose money.

They think they should and hope they will, but their confidence and level of certainty are near zero.

And all the while they dismiss or overlook these two simple things that would make the world of difference in both their emotional states and their results.

Two simple things

1.  Document your system – properly

2.  PROPERLY test and analyze your system so that you have a baseline, and so that you know what to realistically expect regarding its performance

Now understand something, it is critical that these be done properly, or they are a waste of your time and cost you time and money, both directly and indirectly

This is another way many traders make their lives much more difficult than is necessary

If you document your system poorly or incorrectly, it WILL affect how well and how consistently you execute it

If you establish your baseline expectations in the wrong way, again, it can hurt you because you’ll be working with misleading or just plain unrealistic expectations, which keep you fighting that endless battle with doubt, anxiety and FEAR

What I find amazing, even after all these years, is what a massive impact just getting these two things right can have on your trading experience

If you don’t have your system, what you do, documented properly, take the time to do it

If you don’t have a proper and realistic baseline established for your system, so that you know what to realistically expect from it when trading live, take the time to do it

Make these a priority

They will pay you back handsomely

If you’re serious about making your trading work, and having it produce and provide the freedom and security you desire from it, these are critical

If you dismiss these, you’re gambling and really setting the odds against yourself, which I’m pretty sure is NOT what you want.

You don’t want this to be any harder than is necessary right?

If the most consistent things about your trading are frustration and disappointment, then it is because either your system needs improvement or your execution of it does, or both

Put another way, when your system is solid and you are executing it correctly and consistently, then making money becomes the natural result

It really is that simple, BUT

…you have to know how to make it happen

On this page, you’ll discover the 3-step process to attend to both and get your trading working the way you want

When you understand the true nature of the problem and how to address it, the matter becomes very straightforward and considerably less stressful

Discover how to take ANY* trading system and make it profitable and reliable WITHOUT risking money to do so here

*Any trading system based on at least a reasonable premise of course.  I’m a Certified Quality Engineer, so fixing things and making them work and work reliably is what I do.  That does start with a reasonable basis though.  A system designed to intentionally lose can’t be made to work  🙂

I hope this helps


The Trading Business Coach

P.S.  Reality check:  if your trading is NOT where you want it to be, what is that costing you, in terms of money, freedom, stress and quality of life?

Again, make these two simple things a priority

Life is too short to settle.

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