[Profit Mindset Series] The recipe for consistency (A.K.A. the “Secret Sauce”)

Excellent!  It’s great that you are staying committed to your trading and making it work!

If you missed yesterday’s lesson, you can read it here

Today I’m going to share with you the recipe for the “Secret Sauce” of every successful business that’s based on repeated activities (like trading)

I’m also going to share with you the 3-Step process I used in my years as a Quality Engineer to achieve consistency throughout the hundred-million dollar manufacturing operation where I worked, the process which I customized specifically for you to use in your trading – the Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching Program.

We’ll get to the process in just a moment, but before we do, understand…

This isn’t a “launch” for the Trading System Mastery program.

Because here’s the thing…

Even though you now have the ability to…

… solve your “discipline” and consistent execution challenges for good without having your profits held hostage by the ‘whim’ of the markets, or anxiety about whether or not your system can deliver

… clear away the biggest obstacles between you and stringing together some nicely profitable months with your trading – and knowing that it’s not luck that it’s happening

… and do it all in an easy and relaxed manner that ditches the stress and needless time and energy of switching to a new system or platform, and instead let’s you leverage your existing system that you already know and are familiar with

Nothing has actually “launched”.

You’ve already been at it.

>>> Putting in the hours of screen time, sacrificing time with family, attending webinar after webinar, and plunking down on every trading system to hit the market thinking “this will be the one” that leads me to my big breakthrough.

>>> Quickly realizing that all that talk about consistent income or returns, how these systems you’re buying into, as cool sounding as they are, they’re still largely just peddling recycled and repackaged systems, and all still missing that critical element we call “consistency”


>>> Going month after month with little or nothing to show for your efforts but more crushing of your confidence and self-esteem, more confirming of that lingering doubt that you may never get this to work, while you keep trying to find someone that can just help you do what you want to do, what you know you’re supposed to do, and spinning your wheels as the trading that was supposed to let you be booking flights and cruises just seems further and further off on the horizon

Whew. That’s a mouthful 🙂

And on my end.

Nothing’s launched either.

>>> The science of consistency you’ll learn has been hard at work making a real difference for hundreds of traders since its creation a few years ago

“Hi Brian,

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thanks.  I have been trading for just over a year and had really been struggling with hesitancy and fear with taking trades.  I was in a pattern of having a few winning trades then I would see a couple of losing trades I would then hesitate to take the next trade which then turned out to be a high profit trade, I would then get frustrated and take the next set up that presented it self which was rarely a good set up and then this would be a losing trade and so the circle of hesitation and frustration would start until I had given away all my profits and more.  I would then take a break from trading and the pattern would begin again.

I had read all the trading books on the mental aspects of trading and whilst they are good books they have not helped me over this problem.

But since we had our One-on-One Coaching, I can honestly say that I have made huge leaps forward. I have seen a dramatic and measured improvement and feel much more confident, relaxed and able to pull the trigger when I need to than before. You have given me the tools that have enable to keep these emotions under control and enable to me to be consistent in my trading. Your coaching has allowed me to accept the losses as part of my trading business and to keep my trading moving in the right direction.

Before the coaching I felt that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but just could not get there, I now feel that I am actually in the light and moving forward.

Again my sincere thanks in helping me overcome this obstacle, and I would without doubt recommend you to any trader who suffers with similar problems.

Take care

Adrian F”
>>> The step-by-step process and skills you’ll apply to your trading have been battle-tested and carefully refined to get your equity curve moving steadily in the upwards direction.


>>> All these materials have gone through months and years of testing and confirmation with other traders, both professional and individual to make sure the “get your ROI in less than 30 days” promise isn’t just hot air – but available to anyone with a sincere desire and a few hours of your time

So with all that said…

Here’s how we’re going to make sure you maximize your profits through consistent, relaxed, confident trading

The principles, tools, techniques and practices from that I bring to trading from the Quality Assurance field have been used for decades across nearly every industry there is, and have proven to achieve consistency in all sorts of environments, activities and with all types of people and personalities.

In short, it just plain works if your goal is consistent performance and reliable results

Step #1: Define your trading process so that it is easily repeatable.  This is the bedrock of realizing consistency in your trading.

Here’s where we’ll properly define your trading process and document it in a way that it truly is easily repeatable.  This step is always a HUGE eye-opener for everyone that goes through it, and the most common outcome is CLARITY and relief

Any gaps or flaws in your trading system serve as open invitations for your emotions to come in and over-ride your better judgement.
Because no one seems to know how to do this PROPERLY, most trading systems leave you fighting your emotions, eventually second-guessing them, deviating, making bad decisions that net losses or missed profits and more disappointment and regret, and you blaming yourself for not being disciplined when the problem was the system itself all along.

Documenting your trading is one of the most difficult things to do, yet it is serves as the foundation of your daily activity.

With the process you learn here, this becomes very straightforward and ‘do-able’.

When this is complete, you enjoy a peace of mind and true optimism about your trading that simply wasn’t available to you before.

When I do this for my business consulting clients with their business processes as a service, they gladly pay me $599 and realize an immediate ROI

Real-Life Value: $599

Step #2: Eliminate doubt and establish realistic expectations so you remain poised and relaxed when you hit bumps in the road that would otherwise run you off in a wreck

Doubt (a.k.a. FEAR) is what keeps you locked in anxiety when in the middle of a trade.

Fear is what comes up when you don’t KNOW what to truly expect from your system, when you have that underlying doubt…

This step eliminates doubt through proper meaningful and useful measurement of exactly how good your system is, what it’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what you can realistically expect from it

Again, one of those skill sets, where knowing HOW to do it the RIGHT way makes ALL the difference.

Backtesting and/or metrics are of little use (and can actually be counterproductive) when this part is done incorrectly.

When completed, you realize that you can stop searching for “a good system”, because now by having this process and the process in Step 1, you KNOW when you have a good system, rather than hoping that you’ve found one

Real-Life Value: $997

Step #3: Profit Maximization through organized, calculated and business-like improvements

Making changes to your system in a haphazard, ‘seat of the pants’ manner results in a bastardized system that doesn’t perform and leaves you distraught.

Do so in a proper, knowing and proven manner keeps you moving forward feeling relaxed and calm

This step makes sure that you aren’t leaving money on the table, which, over a year’s time can mean tens of thousands of dollars either in your account or not!

Real-Life Value: $997

To make sure you’ve got everything covered, I’m including these bonuses
Bonus #1 – “The Profit-Potential Calculator”

This is the first component of the highly-acclaimed Trading Performance Analyzer, and is the RIGHT tool for ensuring that your trading system has the REAL potential to meet your financial goals.

Most traders make the mistake of NOT have a proper tool for this – and thus wind up with bad information.

With the Profit-Potential Calculator, you will KNOW what the monthly profit-potential is for your system – to the dollar – plus have the insights you need to make
optimizing your system a breeze!


“I was amazed at how easy it was to determine which strategy had the biggest effect on my bottom line.”
“I have been testing/comparing two trading strategies for the last 90 days.  I have gathered data from back testing and real-time testing and plugged it into the Trading Performance Analyzer.

I was amazed at how easy it was to determine which strategy had the biggest effect on my bottom line.

The TPA saved me a lot of time and made the process of comparison much simpler and easier.  I will continue to use it to keep track of my method’s performance from this point on.

This is an important tool for any serious trader’s tool box. Thanks!”

Pat Davis, Individual Trader
Colorado Springs, CO

“In fact, I can’t imagine successfully trading without it now.”

Just a note of thanks to you for the TPA. I have been back testing a new (to me) system and plugging the results into the analyzer. The information that it gives me is vital to understanding what this or any system can do. It is giving me a confidence in my system that otherwise might have been shaken by a few small losses.

I have to admit, when I first got this I thought it was a cool ‘toy’, and figured I’d use it some time to track trades or something. Little did I know it would prove to be such a powerful learning tool. In fact, I can’t imagine successfully trading without it now. I also have to admit that I didn’t really ‘get’ everything you were talking about regarding psychology and how proper planning helps you to be better prepared mentally for the ups and downs of trading, but since I actually began to make use of this, it sort of pulls everything together. In fact, I think I’ll go back and re read everything again and see how much I really missed the first time around!

Thanks again for something that really is helpful.”

Richard Daniels
St. Louis, MO

“Using the TPA has given me the confidence to stick with my system.”

I’d always wanted to see how consistent I was each month but before using the Trading Performance Analyzer I had no idea how one month compared to another.   Now I can see my results from month to month.

I had a month that was lower than expected so I was able to go back through my trading journal and review my trades.  I found some mistakes I had made and was able to correct them.  Every month since then has been consistently where I want it.

With the TPA I’m able to see my results and it helps to keep me on track.  I like being able to easily see my P/L ratio, winning trades % and the number of trades which has kept me from over trading.  And being able to see my risk/reward ratio has really helped me improve in that area.

I was testing three systems but really had no idea how they were performing.  The backtesting feature made this easy to see.  Two systems did not perform well and had too much of a drawdown even when following my strict money management rules.  The third showed good results and I’ve been very profitable with it for the past six months.

Using the TPA has given me the confidence to stick with my system.  Now I can see all of my results and as long as I stick to my rules I now know I can stay consistently profitable.”

Matt Anderson
Cape Coral, FL


“I regard myself as a serious trader and monitor my trading metrics very closely.

However to get this data at the end of each month was a real chore for me, having to grind through my own clumsy Excel spreadsheets and collate information from different sources. If only there were a quicker and more efficient way !

Then I came across Brian McAboy’s Trading Performance Analyser.This is a great piece of software. It is simple to use and provides all my trading metrics in a clear and concise format – all updated immediately as I enter each new trade.

I also use it to backtest trading ideas and get the real picture of a system’s performance before committing valuable trading capital.

It is so much easier to use than a lot of other more complicated software out there.

This is an essential piece of software for anyone who takes their trading seriously.”

John Tomson, Individual Trader
Sydney, Australia

Bonus #2 – The “Trader’s Guide To Emotional Management”

Just in case you need to deal with lingering associations to past trading experiences after you get your trading system in order.

This guide gives you a full understanding of all the different practical and purely psychological issues related to trading, PLUS reviews over 50 different specific mistakes traders make and actions you can take for every one of them.

Between the Trading System Mastery training and this guide, you’ve got all your bases covered!

Bonus #3 – “4 Forms of Self-Sabotage That Kill Trading Accounts”



Do you sometimes sabotage yourself in your trading?

You know, where you do something that you KNOW you’re not supposed to, but you do it anyway?  Only to strongly regret it later and kick yourself?

Well because you are ordering the “Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching” Home-Study Program right now, you also get access to this highly popular video on Self-Sabotage

Bonus #4 – First month Free in the Trading P.I.T. Club

The second critical role you have in being a professional trader (and getting paid like a professional) is that of being the owner/manager of your trading operation.

Working for yourself, managing yourself and your operation can be quite daunting.

The P.I.T. Club is a 6-month training program with weekly lessons that cover all the various aspects of being a self-employed, self-directed trader.

(this is the predecessor to the wildly popular Trading As Your Business course, which currently sells for $997)

Your first month is FREE ($99 value) and if you like it and choose to stay with the weekly lessons, it’s just $99/month for the next 5 months and then it stops (but you continue to have lifetime access to the lessons.  If you don’t want to continue with it, just say email me and let me know, and the first month’s lessons are yours to keep for free with no further obligation!

FOR THE FIRST 20 – FREE UPGRADE to the FULL Trading Performance Analyzer!

Includes the Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator PLUS Monthly and Continuous Analysis, PLUS Year-To-Date side-by-side numbers for the year, PLUS annual projections and calculation of your hourly pay!

FOR THE FIRST 10 – Two 30-Minute Coaching Sessions with ME

Nothing beats getting on the line and talking directly with someone that cares about you and can help you work through issues that can be really tough by yourself.

Be one of the first 10 to give the Trading System Mastery course a try and you’ll get TWO coaching sessions with me, to discuss anything you like, and you’ll get the best help I can offer you in each session.

My coaching fee is normally $250 per hour, so this is a very real $250 bonus for you taking action right now for yourself!
Total Real-World Value (until Friday March 31): $2,959

Your Investment:

1 installment of $497

But because you’ve been brave enough to be on this journey with me (yea – I know, we got pretty aggressive with those “sacred cows”)…

I want to offer you a little challenge:

Take about 33 minutes tomorrow (or any of the 59 DAYS after tomorrow), watch the Introduction video and then have a look at your current trading system.

Just that quickly, you’ll see how you can make a MASSIVE shift in your trading, and do so in a KNOWING, no-guesswork, no-fingers-crossed manner

Best of all, this is a skill set and process you can apply to ANY trading system, those you’ve already encountered and any you’ve yet to discover – and make them work!

This is something you benefit from now and for the rest of your trading career!

If after applying what you learn here, you feel that you didn’t get at least $1,000 in value from this program…

Then kindly shoot me email with the subject line “WTF” and I’ll refund every dollar so that you’ll only need an extra $18,000 to hire a top programmer to build you that robot to get the consistency for you


Click here to take the 60-day “Consistency” challenge



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