[Profit Mindset Series] You are REALLY not alone in this

Welcome back and congratulations on your openness to challenging beliefs and old though patterns that haven’t been serving you.

If you missed yesterday’s lesson, you can read it here

I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flack over today’s message, but if I’m going to truly be of service to you, I have to candid with you…

The reason you struggle to get consistent results is because you (like most traders do) subscribe to the logic that “finding a good system” and then summoning the discipline to stick to your rules is the complete story for successful trading.

I mean trading does seem insanely simple on the surface.

You’ve experienced it.

I have.

I think everyone that’s ever traded has experienced it.

…that extreme frustration where you’re about ready to scream on how trading seems SO simple, yet making it work consistently for any length of time is so bloomin’ difficult

I hear it all the time

“If I could just stop shooting myself in the foot!”

“If I could just stick to my rules, I’d be fine”

“If I could just stop giving back my profits on those few occasions when I actually make do money”

“If I would just go ahead and enter the trade when I see the set up develop”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why is this SO HARD?”

“I think I have a pretty good system.  If I could just be consistent, I’d have it made”

You have the very reasonable goal of consistent, reliable profits.

…a trading business that you can count on to produce and provide for you and those you care about.

But you see, you’re NOT alone in this quest for consistency

Consistency and reliable profits is a primary goal for ALL businesses which involved repeated activities over time.

Another commonality you share with nearly all businesses is that many, if not all, can be distilled down to 30 words or less and simplified to the point that a 10 year old can understand what it’s about.

Sometimes 10 words is enough

In trading, it’s “Buy financial instruments, then sell them for a higher price” (or the reverse if you’re shorting the market of course)

Or if you really want to sum trading up, “Buy Low, Sell High” really covers the gist of it.

In real estate, same thing

I remember years ago, reading the Mission Statement for the Pepsi Bottling Group:

“We sell soda.”

A multi-billion dollar company summed up in 3 words.

Here’s where the problem comes in…

Just because you know ABOUT a thing,

…just because you understand the basics of how something works

…just because you know WHAT you’re supposed to do,

…doesn’t mean you know how to do it consistently over time

For the purposes of illustration, let’s look at golf

I understand the game, how it works and I know what I’m supposed to do

But I can hit par on one hole and a 12 on the next

The point is to be able to perform consistently well for the entire 18 holes

It doesn’t take but one or two bad holes and your game is shot

Same goes for many activities, both in sports and in business

Take something as simple as making pizza, for example Poppa John’s

When you order a pizza, especially from a location you’ve gotten it before, you know what you want when you order it, and you expect it to be the same delicious pizza you had last time

Even if you’re traveling and order from a location other than the one at home

You still expect that same yummy, hot pizza

Same crust, same amount and flavor on the sauce, same melt in-your-mouth cheese and same toppings

And if the pizza ISN’T consistent,

… if they put more sauce on it than you’re used or less cheese,

… or if it just tastes different because they use different seasonings,

… or if it seems overcooked compared to what you’re used to

then you probably won’t order from them again on the road

and you might even start thinking about order from some place new at home

And then of course in your trading

Your goal is Consistency

Consistency is the ‘secret sauce’ of EVERY successful business based on repeated activities

I have good news for you.

The good news is that consistency is such a big deal in ALL businesses, NOT just trading, that there is an entire industry (Quality Assurance) devoted specifically to getting consistent performance and reliable results

I used to work in that industry and totally enjoyed it

As a matter of fact, I even got certified as a Quality Engineer

You see, there is a science to consistency itself

… and it is a learnable skill set and process

… and when applied to your trading, produces an amazing transformation

When you have consistency, not through sheer willpower and forced discipline, but through knowing specifically how to facilitate it and make it happen,

… you trade in an easy and relaxed manner

… you have security in what you’re doing, instead of anxiety

… you enjoy peace of mind, and a very pleasant positive energy about your trading, instead of stress and having it weigh on your mind

… you look forward to your trading day, knowing that you’ll enjoy it, instead of hoping that you don’t make the same mistakes again today that you made yesterday

… you move into the second phase of your trading career, where you’ve no longer in survival mode, searching for something that works that you can count on, to having the mental freedom to explore expanding and growing your trading

Now more than likely, this is what you’ve sought from Day #1 of your trading career

I did.

And so has every trader that’s come to me for help over the last 11 years.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the process that I took from my years as a Quality Engineer and customized specifically for you to use in your trading to achieve easy consistency and peace of mind

Now again, I’ll be candid with you.

Along with more insights into the psychology of trading and how to be a successful trader, I will also be talking about my Trading System Mastery course

…So that you can finally ditch the routine of fighting with your emotions, trying to keep them under control, only to repeat the same mistakes that have aggravated you for the longest time

And instead…

Take your current trading and actually get it working the way you’ve always wanted it to (no having to switch to a new system or whatever and go through all those headaches)

Relax, knowing that you’ve got what it takes, that this IS possible in general, but most importantly is for YOU

Set your trading career on a new path, the one you deserve for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve already shed

So if you’re still serious about this, then make sure to check back here tomorrow and let’s keep moving forward

See you tomorrow!



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