The One True Separating Factor Between Winners And Losers In Trading

The true separator of winning traders and those that struggle is this ONE factor…

Anyone can hit a winner once in a while or even have the occasional lucky streak, but when you know how to make money on a consistent basis, regardless of the market’s mood or behavior, that’s when you’ve made it as a trader.

Only then can you truly begin enjoying the financial security and time freedom rewards that you deserve and desire.


So why is consistency such a big priority?

Because it’s the only way to trade with any confidence and peace of mind.

There’s no need to live with the stress, anxiety and your emotions messing with you all the time.

You simply go about your trading, knowing that you’re okay.

Unfortunately, most traders haven’t figured out how to get consistent results in their trading.

When it comes to comfortably sticking to your system and trading in a calm and relaxed manner, there’s the common, unsuccessful approach, and the professional approach used outside of trading…

Most follow the prevalent notion that emotions are just part of trading and that you to find some way to be more disciplined to overcome them.

The other thought on the matter is that if you’re struggling with your trading, especially the consistency part, then you must have some ‘psychological’ issue, like your relationship with money, your beliefs or your self-image.

Both are incorrect and will serve you no better than a New Year’s resolution.

There is more to trading than just grabbing a system and trying to force or trick yourself into sticking to it, and then spending years beating your head on that rock until you finally make it (or die trying).

What I’ve learned from my experience outside of trading is that there are particular events that occur that very much work against you and ultimately set you up for failure if left unattended.

Additionally, there is a specific process that you can employ to quickly get yourself settled down and trading in a calm, calculated and very business-like manner.

This is a process used in other industries that I’ve customized specific for traders and it works amazingly well.

One of the primary benefits is that you do NOT have to change over to a new trading system, software or broker. This applies to what you’re working with now.

If you’d like to learn what’s been making your life so difficult, and how to move past it step by step, I’m holding a free training webinar that will show you.

If learning the true and sensible shortcut to quickly achieve consistently profitable trading, this is your chance…

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P.S.  Here’s how to tell if you’re missing something:  if your trading is emotional, if it a struggle, if it is anything but calm and enjoyable, then something is missing.  It is NOT supposed to be this tough!

Attend this training and find out what’s been making this tougher than it should be.

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P.P.S.  Do NOT just go on thinking that your emotions are supposed to be such a trouble and that your only recourse is to try to trick or force yourself to be more disciplined.

Seriously, that’s the common notion and it is just plain WRONG.

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