Tips To Trade More Consistently – On Decision-Making

The things that can affect your consistency are many, and this particular matter concerns your performance both in your trading and in your everyday life

So many people go through their day oblivious to this matter, but now you can be aware of it and trade more consistently.



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  1. Frank Lobach
    4 weeks ago

    Always like every thing you have ever sent to me Brian, all very much appreciated.My problem is lack of motivation, ie self belief in my ability to be successful at anything ,especially FX trading.I allow myself to get constantly diverted to other mundane ,not important time wasters. I have now signed up to another full course,have allowed many problems with my computer ,eg blue screen crashes, W10 updating causing all sorts of PC problems, loss of 2 trading accounts with overseas brokers who have simply disappeared with all my capital, but I am now going to try to still focus on this new full traing course with Casey Stubbs at Winners Edge.They have been around about as long as you have so should be ok to trust and follow. Thanks again for just being there whenever I need to be put back on course,cheers , Frank Lobach

    • admin
      4 weeks ago

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Glad I can be of help.

      Casey is a good guy. I’ve known him for several years and I expect you’ll be quite happy with his course. Good call!