Trading As A Business – Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that Spring is here – it’s time for some good ol’ spring cleaning.

I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet – I’m talking cleaning out your trading business.

As you may know from what I publish, I am a firm believer in how to make everything in life more simple.

When you have clutter it’s so much more difficult to focus and get stuff done. You get distracted and a distracted mind gets you into trouble.


Here are some things to help you clean up your trading, simplify and get laser-focused..

  • Guru Cleanse: Unsubscribe from any “trading” email list that does not provide value. If they only “pitch” and try to sell to you without providing something worthwhile – get off the list immediately.  It only distracts you from your goals.
  • Donate Books: I LOVE reading business and trading books. But once I go through them and put the highlights into a notebook, I’m done. There’s no need to have them all over my office. The size of your library doesn’t impress me, it’s the action you take on what you learn that gets you results. Donate them to your local library.
  • Clean Your Inbox: Try to get it down to zero. Setup folders and delete old emails. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.
  • Clean Your Desktop: Get all the old files off your desktop. Put them into a 5 or 6 main folders and, then subfolders from there. Buy an external hard drive and get those files off your computer hard drive.
  • Clean Your Desk: Only keep what you need every day on your desk. For me, it’s my laptop, a composition notebook (my to-do list), and my cell phone. That’s it.
  • Clear Your Mind: Focus on just ONE THING. I don’t care what it is. Whether it’s making your system better or focusing on your execution.  Or running your operation like a real business. Just do that one thing and don’t get distracted with other “ideas”.
  • Get Your Self in Shape: OK, this isn’t really “spring cleaning”, but you’ll never reach your highest level of success until you get into top physical condition. Make better eating choices and break a sweat every day. It’s not always easy, but it’s pretty simple.

There you go.

Some practical strategies to get clarity and simplify your trading business.



P.S.  This message today is just part of treating your trading as the business that it is.

The better you make your business, the easier it is to run and the more security and freedom it will provide.  And it all starts and ends with you, as the owner/manager and trader in your business.

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  1. Frank Lobach
    6 years ago

    Oh Brian, you are so right[again] as you have told me that before too, and I did clean it all up, but in no time it seems everything is filled up again,& I seem to be spending most of my time emptying out the inbox, even with a “Mailwasher ‘ program which allows me to eliminate most of the junk [and even bounce the real rubbish] before it gets d/loaded to my PC.
    There is always so much interesting stuff coming through that I would love to learn,but either do not have the time to sit through it, or I forget it soon after anyway.
    I do have a lot of methods that I should choose one or two of,and concentrate on fine tuning to work for me ,but I think I sabotage myself with all kinds of diversionary interests to avoid doing just that.
    I think it is because I do not believe deep down , that trading FX is something I can be successful at doing and I am constantly finding ways to avoid proving it.
    I can mostly even see what I am doing ,as I am doing it would you believe, but always find a reason to justify what I am doing?
    I am very slowly forcing my way down to the FX river to drink ,but gee it’s a slow journey.
    Thanks for your constant support, as it has been a great pusher back in to the right path many times for me.
    Cheers, Frank L.

  2. Anthony Gichia
    6 years ago

    Very refreshing Brian. I especially liked the idea of donating trading books to the local library. Feels like I’m giving back something as i have received a lot from others.

  3. Robert Allen McCrea
    6 years ago

    Clear Your Mind: Focus on just ONE THING. I don’t care what it is. Whether it’s making your system better or focusing on your execution. Or running your operation like a real business. Just do that one thing and don’t get distracted with other “ideas”.

    This statement is so true about distraction ,Over fifty percent of humanity has never used a telephone. If that many people in the world are still distracted by issues of survival, what are the other fifty percent who are more fortunate doing about it? The answer is ___ almost nothing.