Psychology of Trading Resource Page


Get this part right or nothing else matters.


If your head isn’t right, you won’t make proper use of your other tools and resources.

Which only makes sense.

You are the decision-maker and action-taker and central to everything that goes on in your trading business.

Now understand one key distinction:  I’ve found that trading psychology is more of a practical matter than it is a psychological one.

Attend to the right ‘practical’ matters and many of your discipline, fear and anxiety issues will go away.

On this page you’ll find several articles and videos to help you get control over your mind and emotions so that you trade at your best.

Trading Psychology – 3 Things to Set Yourself Up to Succeed

There are 3 things in particular that you can do to set yourself up to succeed. If you do them, you tilt the odds in your favor. If you don’t, then you’re making things much harder than they need to be.

Trader Training – How to Get Unstuck If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Or Confused

Frustrated?  Confused? It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and all the possibilities. Fortunately, the answer of what to do to get ‘unstuck’ lies within the problem itself. In this video, you’ll discover how to tell what to do and where to focus

Do you invest in this very high ROI asset?

You invest every week. Sometimes you invest time, others money, sometimes both. But you have the same week as everyone else, so are you investing wisely?

Get This Part of Your Trading Right, Or Fail Forever As A Trader

There is one undeniable truth about self-directed trading:  get this part of your trading right, or you will fail forever as a trader.  Because you can do everything else perfectly, and will all be for naught. You can have the perfect system, the perfect platform, a perfect computer, broker, data feed, everything.  But if your…

[Trading Psychology] A Commonly Disregarded Account Killer

Today I want to share with you another practical aspect of trading psychology that often completely destroys accounts yet commonly gets disregarded. Now today’s message is directly related to yesterday’s, where I shared with you a valuable wisdom from one of my early mentors. Essentially it was that trading is tremendously competitive, basically everyone in