[Trading Psychology] We’re weird creatures, we humans

We’re weird creatures, we humans

I always find it interesting, whether it’s happening to me or someone else, how we as humans will often experience a fear of change

…even if the change gets us away from the ‘sucky’ situation we’re in and feel almost desperate to move on FROM.

…even if the change brings us way closer to what we know we want

Now from the logic of the ego, it makes perfect sense.

After all, our ego’s primary function is to keep us alive, to seek out potential danger and protect us from it.

And from the ego’s perspective, change represents danger.

The status quo is known and familiar, even if it is WAY less than desirable.

At least the ego knows we can survive here.

So it resists change because the familiar is safe.

That’s one of the ironies of trading

We knowingly and very intentionally step into an arena of uncertainty and risk, which is the exact OPPOSITE of what our ego naturally seeks out.

And then we wonder why we struggle with emotions

And yet we’ve done it.

But we know that in order to succeed, we must harness the power of our logical minds and use our better judgement, NOT our emotions or our ego’s to make decisions.

When we let our emotions (especially FEAR) drive decisions, we often make bad decisions.

But the worst decision made, or more correctly stated IN-decision, and usually the most common and most damaging one is HESITATION

The paralysis that comes from freezing, and NOT making the decision to act when we’re supposed to…

  • When we hesitate, we miss trades and subsquently profits.
  • When we hesitate, we turn winners into large losers.
  • When we hesitate, we also damage our self-esteem and integrity.
  • When we hesitate, we break promises to ourselves

And if we’re stuck in the cycle of “hesitate, beat yourself up, resolve to be more disciplined, willpower-failure, hesitate again”…

It sucks, but it’s familiar and your ego will keep you here until you affect a change – in YOU

So long as you remain as you are, you’ll stay stuck in this cycle.

And getting a new trading system doesn’t change who you are.

That’s like thinking that buying a fantastic set of golf clubs will make you a great golfer.

It might help your game a little by overcoming weaknesses in your old set, but you’re still you

That new set might take your score from 108 to 101, but it won’t put you on the PGA Tour.

So what can you do?

How can you take the ‘unknowns’ that your ego resists and resolve this conflict?

You change you by acquiring new perspectives, broader understandings, additional skills that you don’t currently have, but need to trade from a position of knowing.

When you increase your abilities and understandings to deal with the markets, the anxiety subsides.

Your experience changes and provides proof to your ego and subconscious that this change is okay and not a threat.

You experience true success, where it’s happening because you know exactly how to bring it about.

Not from trial and error and HOPING.

Not by the graces of the markets.

You get to establish success and build on it by developing yourself further as a trader

THIS is what you came here for

This is why you started trading in the first place

You chose to become a trader because you have other BIGGER things as your priorities.

You didn’t choose trading just to fill your time sitting in front of charts, while pouring your time, hard-earned money, and blood, sweat and tears into a fruitless activity.

You came here to WIN

And everytime you hesitate, you know that it is totally counter to your real objectives

Especially when you hesitate to grow as a trader
Now I’ve had a few people email me, saying that they’d LOVE to join Trading System Mastery, but they have a few concerns that are causing them to hesitate

Fair enough

If cash flow is the concern, and $497 is just not feasible right now, then I understand.

Get started now gaining the benefits of the program for just $99 today, and let the program pay for itself as you spread the other 5 installments out over time.

If you are concerned that this will be another course that you get and it just isn’t for you, and you’ll be out the investment,

That’s why I back it with my “Peace of Mind” 60-day guarantee – and I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve been here for 11 years and if you’re not happy, I don’t want your money.

Give Trading System Mastery a truly risk-free test-drive, and see for yourself how it WILL change YOU and make your trading better

If your concern isn’t about getting your money back but about your TIME, that you have to invest a ton of time, and you don’t want that time to be wasted if it doesn’t align with you, or doesn’t produce as you’d like, or even if it DOES produce but you just don’t want to have to put in 50 or 100 hours to get the results, I get it.

That’s why the program is very intentionally brief and concise, while still giving you everything.

The videos are less than 5 hours COMBINED, so you could go through ALL of them today if you really wanted to

Of course your transformation doesn’t come just from watching videos.

You’ll have exercises and things to do, but that’s how your growth happens – through you DOING

So the course is specifically designed to have MOST of your time DOING and getting the results that come from ACTION.

Get a huge ROI on your TIME as well as financially by just taking a look at the course.

Successful trading is all about making the right decisions and then taking timely action.

The same is true for being a successful trader.

When it’s time to take action for yourself or your trading, DO NOT be indecisive.

Do NOT hesitate.

Now understand, you’re NOT commiting to marriage, a 30-year mortgage or adopting a child.

All you have to do is have a quick look at the Introduction videos.

In less than an hour, you can KNOW and take the ‘unknown’ out of it so your ego will leave you alone because you can see that this change is safe.

Decision made

Be decisive now and initiate that momentum of being decisive.

I’ll see you on the inside



P.S. Confession time:

Even when I know something’s right for me and my business, sometimes I still wait till the last second before pulling the trigger.

I’m not always your typical “action taker”.

I mull, I muse, and I mess up a perfectly good google doc trying to assess and analyze the decision from every possible angle.

And then… after all that inevitably fails.

I brew a pot of extra bold coffe.

Put on the Bose headphones

And blast some “Gimme Shelter” as I climatically hit autofill on the checkout page.

Cuz in the wise words of one Mick Jagger…

“You’re just a click away…. You’re just a click away”

PPS. This promotion where you get extra goodies worth $148 over and above the normal bonus items ends tomorrow and I’d really hate for you to miss out.

This training is truly life-changing – no exaggeration – and it just breaks my heart when I get an email from someone saying that they’re having to quit trading and they wish they’d have taken advantage of my trainings a long time ago.

Dont’ let that happen to you.

If you have some concern or question that is causing you to hesitate right now, email me or call me at (719) 299-0678 and let’s address it.

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