Which Of These Should You Pursue First As A Trader?

I get the question quite often as to which a person should pursue first

Most traders bounce back and forth between trying a new system and focusing on being disciplined

Now there are two problems with this approach

First, each is usually pursued in a rather limited scope, leaving many very necessary matters within the larger picture unattended

Second, the linear thinking of focusing only on one at a time presents issues which perpetuate the overall problems being experienced

This makes it very difficult to make any progress with either because while you’re focusing on the one, the other is still interfering with you and reinforcing the old problematic patterns

So in one regard, it makes a lot of sense to pursue both at the same time

This way, instead of bouncing back and forth and playing “Whack-a-mole” with the issues, get them all addressed at once and move forward in a very holistic manner


Now lately I’ve been taking a much greater focus on the purely psychological aspects of trading, with a broad view which goes way beyond just discipline and the daily stuff on which there is much existing conversation

You see, there are generally two aspects of trading:  hard-side and soft-side

The hard-side covers all the skills, tools, knowledge, and generally speaking the functional ‘stuff’ you need to do the things in the business

The soft-side covers all the mental and emotional matters, the things that are part of being a human in the middle of this machine

Now the soft-side goes way beyond the day-to-day topics of how to do what you’re supposed to do, the ‘staying disciplined’ items

It includes you as a person, you as a trader, all the experiences in your life that affect your trading, including both trading-related experiences and those completely outside of trading, but that can and often do affect your trading

Over the next few weeks, as I work with the people in the Get Your Mind Right For Profitable Trading group coaching program groups, I’ll also be publishing videos and articles on the soft-side of trading

So my question for you right now is,

“What would you like to know more about within this broader topic of the psychology of trading?”

This means anything to do with what I generally refer to as the soft-side and including but also going beyond state-management during the daily activity of placing trades

Put your answer in the Comments below!

Have a great weekend!



P.S. If psychological issues are causing you a lot of stress and causing you to make way less from your trading than you know you should, then I have good news!

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There are two ways:

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If the one-on-one coaching to finally break free of the stress and aggravation of having subconscious issues undermining your efforts, by having my close personal support through the one-on-one coaching sounds more like the path for you, then reply to this email to set a time to discuss your situation to see which the best option for you, or just click here if you’re ready right now

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  1. Jim
    5 months ago

    I mostly have problems with patience and keeping my mind from racing while waiting for a trade once I’m in. I’d like to know how to be able to stay cool and not mess with my trades while they’re in progress

  2. Glenda B
    5 months ago

    Hi Brian,

    I would like to know how to keep from having these near panic-attacks almost every day. Worrying that the market will turn against yet again keeps me in a state of anxiety that is almost hard to describe. What can I do to calm down before I get ulcers?


  3. Jorj
    5 months ago

    Non-stop self-criticism and beating myself up is something I just can’t seem to stop, at least not for more than a day or two and then its right back after me again. What can I do?

  4. Bill McLaughlin
    5 months ago

    How do I effectively deal with fear of loss and impatience, stupidly wanting more when I’ve already made more than expected?