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Mastery Courses

Save 50% On Our Unique Mastery Courses!

Trading As Your Business

When you think about your trading, do you feel clear, focused and optimistic about your future,  or do you mostly feel stress, anxiety and not very secure?

Do you find yourself jumping from one system to the next, largely running in circles, but not really making any progress and basically in the same spot you were in months ago?

Are you tired of this taking SO LONG, where you're wondering if you're ever going to 'arrive'?


The Trading As Your Business Trader Training Program solves these issues

Finally get settled down, clear and focused, well-organized and on the shortest path to sustainable, consistent profits, no matter how you want to trade.  Create a profitable, predictable and reliable trading business that suits your personality, fits your life and meets your financial goals - in as little as 60 days – using the trading style and system of your choosing, without having to rely on guesswork, claims, hope or chance, and where you know exactly what you can realistically expect it to produce – to the dollar – every month for the coming year.

• Even if you’ve never traded before
• Even if you’ve been trading for 10 years and had way more losing months than profitable ones
• Even if you’ve tried dozens of different systems that promise ‘consistent profits’
• Even if you don’t have a trading system right now
• Even if you feel that you have a problem with discipline
• Even if you’re feeling so stuck that you may never get out of this rut
• Even if your confidence in yourself is almost completely shot
• Even if you are so jaded that you’re wondering if anyone makes money as a trader

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Trading System Mastery

Do you have doubts about your system, even though you think it's pretty good?

  • Do your emotions run high when you're in the trade?
  • Hesitating?  Chasing trades?  Staying in too long or getting in too late?
  • Is your system just not reliable, where you can relax and KNOW that it will deliver?
  • When things aren't working, do you feel lost as to how to fix things and get them working?

The Trading System Mastery program solves these issues

Finally have a trading system that you KNOW - not hope - you can count on to produce,

  • That is SO CLEAR and perfectly documented that is easy to execute consistently and is highly repeatable,
  • That is FREE from flaws that cause hesitation, anxiety, doubt and costly mistakes
  • Where you know exactly to the dollar how much you can expect to profit in any given month,
  • and in which your confidence is at least an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is absolute certainty that you're okay going to the markets and that you will make money.

• No more living with doubt and anxiety
• No more getting sucked into buying crappy trading systems on someone else's claims, only to lose money in the process of finding out
• Be able to spot the problems with any trading system in less than 5 minutes
• Know how to eliminate doubt in your system and replace it with rock-solid confidence
• KNOW - to the dollar - what the Profit Potential is for your system or any system - BEFORE you ever risk money with it
• KNOW - to the dollar - the Potential Drawdown for any system - BEFORE you ever risk money with it
• Know exactly WHEN to use a system and when NOT to - avoid unnecessary and aggravating losses
• Know that your system can realistically be expected to meet your financial goals - and if it currently cannot, exactly what to do about it, so that your trading does indeed provide the way you want it to

Deal Expires:  12/24

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Trader Business Coaching

Immediately end the feelings of isolation and loneliness that are so commonly a part of being a trader!

You may have heard of business owners hiring a Business Coach, where the coach is there for personal support, but also to simply help the owner get clear on goals, then implement a plan to achieve them.

That is exactly what you're getting here - regular support and help achieving your trading goals -  from me, and I understand what you're going through and can help you get there!

The purpose of this coaching is to make your life easier, less stressful and more profitable by giving you the personal, interactive support you need to reach your trading goals.

It is also to help ensure that trading is a very positive, productive and enjoyable experience and part of your life.

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Deal Expires:  12/24

Save $250!



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