How To Be A Great Trader Part 1: Proof you CAN do this

A very common thought expressed by people that come to me for help with their trading is this,

“I have been at this for SO long and I’ve spent SO much money on things
that didn’t work out, I’m beginning to feel that I may never make it.”

Others have expressed the idea that while they’ve been successful at other pursuits, maybe they just aren’t cut out for trading.

Sound familiar?

If so, here’s one thing to keep in mind:

Great traders aren’t born, they are made.

Remember the story of the Turtle Traders from back in the 80’s?

This was the running argument between Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt [two highly successful and recognized traders] in 1983.

Dennis believed successful trading could be taught.

Eckhardt, his friend and fellow trader, believed traders were born with an inherent set of skills and natural instincts that proved profitable in the pits.

To settle this conundrum, they devised an experiment.

Richard Dennis recruited 23 diverse individuals from various walks of life. Their careers ranged from Chicago doormen and retired Air Force pilots to corporate middle managers.

After a simple, two-week training program, he turned them loose to trade his personal money.

When his experiment ended five years later, his protégés had earned an aggregate profit of $175 million.

This group of assorted characters weren’t all Wharton grads or financial whizzes.

But each person had one thing very important thing in common: they followed a simple set of rules to guide them to becoming multimillionaire traders in a very short time.

Just as Richard Dennis proved 34 years ago, I know traders aren’t born, they’re made

How do I KNOW this?

I’ve experienced it first-hand, with myself and in helping other traders over the last 11 1/2 years..

Now you may be thinking,

“Well Brian, that’s all well and good for THEM, but I’ve been at this for X number of years and I’m still not even close to where I want to be, let alone a millionaire trader.”

Fair enough

But that doesn’t mean that you CAN’T make it.

It just means that you haven’t made it YET.

The intent with this message today is simply this:  open your mind to the possibility that massive success is still within your grasp, even if it may feel and seem at times like it just may never happen.

Open yourself to the belief, the honest belief, that it is possible for you to be that trader that is just killing it no matter what is going on in the economy or the markets or the news.

The experiment they did with the Turtle Traders provides solid PROOF that you don’t have to have some ‘trader gene’ or some natural knack for trading to make it.

You have what it takes personally, just as you are.

But you’re still not there yet, so why not?

That’s what we’ll cover tomorrow, so make sure to check out the post here on my blog!


Brian McAboy
The Predictable Profits Engineer

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