[Profit Mindset Series] Can individual traders really make a living?


This might not win me any friends, but it has to be said.

The reason you’re still not making it as an individual trader is because…  well…

… on some level, you believe that the ONLY people making money in the markets are the market movers, institutional traders, banks, brokers and sellers of trading systems, signals and newsletters

Because you’ve been at it for so long and truly given your best effort only to know disappointment and frustration…

…you feel this profound DOUBT that anybody is actually making it

…you wonder quietly to yourself if all the ‘doubters’ that have given you noise over these many months were right, that this is just a fool’s game

Think about that for a sec:

Have you ever asked the question (either out loud or to yourself),

“Is ANYBODY making money as a trader?”

If you’ve got it stuck in your head that NO ONE is making a living at the level of the individual traders, then that’s going to be reinforced by your subconscious at every opportunity

… and maybe it’s time for a new perspective.

One that doesn’t induce those “un-flattering” reactions every time a well-meaning friend or colleague has the audacity to ask you how the trading is going.

(I’ve aged faster since I started trading than in any time in my life. How the heck do you think it’s going!?)

So if this whole trader thing is just an endless practice of stress, self-doubt, and fruitless time and effort…

… why wouldn’t you be open to changing the job description?

… one that empowers you to trade with a reasonable level of security and confidence?

… one that doesn’t force you into veiled smile every time someone questions your career choices?

… one that actually gives you a sip of this whole “freedom thing” that every trader has been dreaming of ever since online trading came into existence?

The truth is…

There are THOUSANDS of traders who live this reality each and every day.

I’ve enjoyed this myself and I know many other traders that do.

Here’s the main difference:

Just like in the first chapter of the book, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, before anything worthwhile ever gets accomplished, there has to be at least one person who believes in the possibility and can see it, even in the absence of supportive evidence

Struggling traders focus on the doubt,
Successful traders focus on the possibility

Without belief in the possibility, success in any pursuit is highly unlikely

So the first and most important factor in having a Profit Mindset is ensuring that you let go of the notion that it NO ONE is making it as a trader

Free yourself from this insidious idea that stays just slightly in the background sucking energy from you and interfering with your trading

“Great. I get it, Brian.  But I’ve been at this for so long and tried so many things, I feel that I’m so messed up, that the possibility doesn’t exist for ME.”

That’s a topic for our next email.

This crazy mis-perception that there’s something inherently wrong with YOU and that you can’t be just a regular human being and still be a consistently profitable trader

Till then…



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