Psychological Issues Holding You Back?

Very high resolution 3d rendering of an human brain.

Do you have psychological issues holding you back?

Trading is almost purely a mental activity

It is an occupation of collecting information, making decisions, and then following through on those decisions

And if you have mental and/or emotional blocks, they WILL affect your trading, regardless of anything else you do

One thing I’ve experienced along with nearly every one of my clients over the last 10+ years, and you probably have too, is how trading will bring out and show you things about yourself that you didn’t know before

It’s like a mirror that forces you to face things that had previously been denied, ignored or repressed

And the markets won’t allow you to become a truly successful trader until you face and address them

Now normally I take a competency-based approach to the psychology of trading

I do this because I’ve found that the biggest problem most traders have is that they are essentially trying to step into this simple, yet challenging profession without proper and adequate training for the job

Because it does take more skill than simply grabbing a system and getting busy

So it’s no wonder that for most, their trading is stressful, filled with sub-par results and almost impossible for it NOT to be an emotional experience

…and when you finally get the training on the necessary skills and are given proper preparation for trading, it completely changes the game

Using this approach has proven to very effective

But sometimes, there are issues that are beyond the competency-based matters

And that’s what the “Getting Your Mind Right” is about

Attending to the purely psychological matters

This includes issues related directly and indirectly to your trading experiences

We’ll also attend to issues that affect your trading but originated outside of trading

This will be a very liberating journey and again, I’m glad you’re here!

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing insights and exercises with you

Click here to begin the journey



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